Popular Men’s Perfumes

“He should smell well”. It is a sentence that we have all heard, or seen in magazines when a woman is asked to describe the one quality she always finds attractive in men. You cannot ignore the value of maintaining good grooming.

If the variety of perfumes for men available at shops isn’t sufficient, men can also choose from an array of perfumes that are popular when they buy ESNC Men Perfumery. The challenge is to select the top of the bunch!

We will look at a couple of tips which can help in the process.

Fragrance Book

It will also help you to understand what the pure essence of perfume in the bottle is and how much it contains. In addition, you can also determine your budget by determining the concentration.

* Parfum- This is the highest concentration and most expensive perfume. The fragrance of this parfum contains between 20-30% pure essential oil. The scent of this fragrance will last an average day.

EDP (Eau de Parfum), a milder version, is composed of 15-20% of pure essence of fragrance with some alcohol. Reapplication is required throughout the day.

EDT is a more mild version of EDT, consisting of 5-15% perfume pure essence in alcohol. This lasts a couple of hours.

Cologne (Eau de Cologne), a term that is often associated with masculine smells, has become a household name. The usual formula is 2-4% of perfume oil dissolved in alcohol or water. It lasts for only a few hours.


The overall fragrance of an international men’s fragrance is composed of many “notes”. These are generally divided into:

The top notes are those that the nose is first able to detect. The top notes determine the essence of the perfume, whether it is floral, fruity earthy masculine, etc. These are usually evaporating as soon as the burst.

Heart notes: These appear after the top notes have faded. The scents are more subtle, mellow, and last longer.

The base notes will appear immediately after the top note has evaporated. These notes are typically rich, solid and deep. Base notes add character to fragrances and make them more pleasing over time.


Test a fragrance first as everyone’s code of pheromones and hormones are unique. They can have a significant impact on how scented it will be.